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The r3 protects you from the most common injury in sports: the ankle sprain.

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university of arizona's

David Rubio

“Wearing ankle braces should be viewed the same as wearing knee pads, shoes and socks.”


User Reviews

The R3 Ankle Support helped me regain my confidence after a high ankle sprain. I ended up rushing for 1,000 yards that season at Iowa. Our athletic trainer taped it on at first. I found that it felt more supportive and was adjustable with the standard straps. I didn’t even know it was there.

LeShun Daniels, Jr. - University of Iowa & NFL Running Back

 The R3 is much faster and easier to put on than the other braces I’ve used and it controls ankle roll motion better. I’ve landed on another player’s foot wearing the R3 and escaped injury.

Andrea, Juniors Club Player

 I have very narrow feet. The R3 Ankle System is the only ankle support that I could wear comfortably. I played two seasons at middle blocker with the R3s, they protected me well. You don’t even know you have them on, until you need them.

Jade, D1 Volleyball Player

 The R3 is easy to move in and they’re small, not bulky like other braces I’ve worn. There are times that I can tell that I’m going to land weird from a jump and they provide a lot of support so nothing happens to my ankles.

Hanah, Juniors Club Player

 I had injured both of my ankles before, so, wearing ankle braces is really important. The R3 feels like a tape job that is easier to move around in and doesn’t restrict you when jumping or weaken after ten minutes of play.

Claire, Juniors Club Player

The R3 Ankle Brace has saved several of our kids from injury. One of our top players came down on a ball in practice in a way that would usually cause an injury. With the R3 on, she rolled right out of it and kept on playing.  This brace works well and the kids really like it.

Tim N - Head Juniors and Assistant D1 Coach
THE r3 | What the experts have to say

The Only Thing You'll Feel is Confidence

The revolutionary design of the R3 protects you without compromising your range of motion. It is as light as it is strong and its low profile allows you to comfortably wear it with any shoe, in any sport.

Why Fit Matters

No one else is built just like you. That’s why the R3 is available in 4 sizes so you get the proper fit and feel for your specific build. Proper fit is key to better protection and better protection is key to better performance.

Size Your R3 Brace

Simply measure from the apex of your heel to the top of your foot, as shown in the image.

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