Rapid Recovery For The Injured Ankle

The FirStep Ankle

Nothing gets you back in the game faster than the FirStep Ankle Care kit.



Every player should have the FirStep Kit in their backpack.

Dave Rubio, Head Volleyball Coach University of Arizona

The consequences of most injuries are determined by what you do immediately after they occur. Why suffer needlessly?

James Garrick, MD Sports Medicine Pioneer
FirStep Testimonial

Focal Compression

- Focal compression is the most effective treatment for the most common injury, the ankle sprain.

Ankle Injury Facts

- Delaying treatment is the biggest mistake you’ll make with an ankle injury
- Focal compression is the most important first step, not ice
- Ankle injuries are all treated the same on the front end, regardless of severity

FirStep Components

- 2 non-absorbent self-adhering donut pads
- Latex-free elastic wrap
- Velcro hook closures
- Stays put during showers and cold treatments

How to use FirStep