The Best Way to Stay in the Game to never get hurt in the first place. Protekt Motion’s breakthrough R3 Ankle Support System comfortably protects you from the most common injury in sports: the ankle sprain.


No injury occurs more often than the lateral ankle sprain.

The All New R3

Better Protection = Better Performance

It’s simple. You can’t win if you don’t finish. Tens of thousands of athletes are sidelined every day by ankle injuries, injuries that can take a full year to completely heal. The breakthrough design of the R3 System is changing that, with the innovative R3 Brace leading the way.


 Athletes hoping to play at the college level need to think of ankle braces the same way they think of a pair of shoes, socks and knee pads.

We’ve already seen the R3’s ability to protect our kids. I love the science behind this brace. It’s why it works best and why it’s my brace of choice.

David Rubio, Head Volleyball Coach University of Arizona

The R3 is a difference maker with the potential to vastly improve ankle protection.

This new support system can be applied in many variations and has unique characteristics for lateral ankle stability. I've used with ankle concerns, including high ankle sprains, filling an important void in my arsenal. 

Doug West, PhD, ATC, Head Team Athletic Trainer

The R3

Doug West's thoughts on ankle braces

Proprioception: Your Sixth Sense

Strut Flex Options

No two athletes are exactly alike and the R3 System is designed with that in mind. Your size, your sport, the playing surface, all impact your specific needs. The R3’s strut flex options — light, standard or stiff — ensure you get the protection necessary to keep you in the game.
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Natural Range of Motion

While the science behind the R3 Brace is what makes it so effective, it is the surprising light weight and comfort that will cause you to forget you even have it on. It allows for full natural range of motion no matter the application or sport.

Shoe Integration

It is the R3 Ankle System’s fit, feel and function that make the difference, and it integrates comfortably with any shoe. It’s so light, so comfortable, the only thing you’ll feel is confidence.
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Roll Resisting Reflex

The R3’s design is built around a roll resisting reflex, the dynamic response to lateral ankle roll, diverting force via the patented strut and strap system. It provides three times the protection of standard braces or tape, so you can push harder and stay healthy.



How To Fit Your R3

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The R3 System

The R3 Brace
The R3 Brace consists of two simple yet brilliantly designed components: the custom strut and the strap. Our strut flex options ensure you get the specific support you need based on your physical stature, the sport you play and the shoes you wear.

The R3 Complete
Combine the R3 Brace with the new ComPro Sleeve for unmatched comfort and protection.