R3 Compro Sleeve


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Slip-on Compression Ankle Sleeve

Take the best tape job you can imagine and multiply by ten. That’ll give you some idea of the comfort and effectiveness of Protekt Motion's Compro Sleeve, the newest option in the R3 Ankle Support System. It provides soft tissue compression for improved neuromuscular response.

The heavy-duty four-way stretch material, flat seam assembly and rear entry design offer unmatched comfort and functionality.

  • Flat seam assembly for comfort and durability
  • Four-way, heavy-duty stretch material
  • Rear entry design with pull loop for easy application
  • Pairs with R3 Brace for unmatched comfort & protection

The R3 system comes in 4 size options to insure you get the fit you need for unmatched protection. To give you the perfect fit and feel, simply measure from the apex of your heel to the top of your foot.


Q. Is the R3 brace strut moldable?

A. Yes, the best way is with hot water. See the sizing and fitting guide for details.

Q. Is the R3’s top strap length adjustable?

A. Yes, it has three inches of adjustability based on the attachment configuration. 

Q. Is there a best way to integrate the R3 into footwear?

A. Yes, the preferred method is to place the bottom strap and strut foot plate under the insole of the shoe with the upright segment between the shoe’s tongue and laces. This is dependent on the type of shoe and wearer. The best way is to use it how it’s the most comfortable fit.